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It's Okay to Be Frustrated

A dear friend of mine is caring for her spouse who is quite ill. One of her gifts is writing out her frustrations and her pain. I want to share one of her written pieces with you, to show you that it's okay to feel frustrated and upset. It's how you deal with all these chaotic emotions that is incredibly important. It's vital that you find a way to express what's going on, your pain, your confusion, your anger; that doesn't involve you taking it out on those close to you. Writing your feelings, talking to a close friend or getting therapy for yourself will help you to cope. Trust me I have done all three! Thank you Val for your honesty, I love you sweet friend.

To the World at Large

So much tragedy, so many shortfalls brought to the headlines, so many like me who want to make a difference but don't know how!!

So much pettiness, bickering and criticizing amongst you "Our Elected Officials" and your counterparts. So much "I" in a time that we need a united front! ENOUGH!!!! We need from you guidance, direction and suggestions on how to diminish the flames and toll this virus has imposed on us. We need to create a path forward that embraces humanity and kindness. We DON'T need this "he said, she said," shifting blame, backstabbing, finger pointing, digging up skeletons and dirt on your colleagues. That mentality and approach only serve to hinder and interfere with producing a positive outcome, a solution! I am still waiting for well perhaps we could try... and this is how it might be implemented!

You in your chosen field of medicine (you remember the one you were called to because you had the desire to make things BETTER). You see it all; the good, the bad, the inevitable, the heartbreak, the joy, the promises. You know just how wrong isolation is when "Imposed Restrictions" leave someone alone in bed, deprived of holding hands, laughter, comfort while not knowing their fate but anticipating the worst. In infants you call it "failure to thrive" in seniors you relabel it end of life so inconsequential. You know what actions are required when you enter that room to deem YOURSELF "safe" so go the extra mile and make that protocol/procedure available to ALL who wish to be with their loved one, be it child, spouse, parent, grandparent, friend or neighbor.

We cannot change what transpired 1000 yrs ago, 100 years ago, a month ago or even 5 minutes ago, but we can unite as one to ignite a spark to resolve the here and now of this current pandemic, this worldwide crisis! When we take the "I" out of you and me, miraculous things can take place. We can grow from our yesterdays and leave this world a better place for our offspring, neighbors, friends and future generations.

We have been witness to so many astonishing, wonderful gifts during this journey. We have so many "Good Samaritans" that have crawled out of the cracks and crevices of this era;

- an Army that put aside their own well being for the benefit of our seniors and our long term care/retirement homes

- Pilots that flew overhead to demonstrate their love for all

- People that came out and cheered for our Frontline workers

- People that came out and entertained us in the streets, on their balconies, decks, driveways and yards

- People that found so many unique and amazing ways to celebrate the little things, the milestones and yes the tragedies too, just to ensure that people were not alone in this struggle

In unity nations and countries came alongside one and all to develop a HOPE to curtail a brutal and violent obstacle of destruction and despair. Collaboratively and in a remarkable short interval of time, we have been shown the success and victory we can attain when we come together as (1), work together as (one)and the imprint we can have.

We all come from backgrounds, experiences and situations unique to us. Some believe in the sciences, some in what is seen here and now, some in things yet unseen, some in faith BUT we can all walk along sidewalks greeting people we happen upon (even with masks on) asking if we can perhaps say a prayer for them, or asking them to say one for us. We don't need to wait for an invitation. So go ahead and say something when you witness that ambulance or other emergency vehicle cruising by.

We were not designed to do life alone, but with purpose. Each and everyone of us with a voice --- so Please let it Resound. Build up your community, your neighborhood with LOVE and Rejoice in a better tomorrow.

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